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Hello and welcome to my site. I have been in the game and software industry for 17 plus years now and an artist my whole life. This site includes both professional and personal works. In my professional career, I have worked on a large variety of projects for many companies, team environments and artistic styles.

It has been my challenge and absolute pleasure to meet each new style with creative energy and dedication. First to gain fluency with each new style, then to excel and sometimes even master. I hope you will find that the images on this site speak to this point with clarity. I have worked in different capacities, originating and primarily focusing on art production, leading and mentoring artists and eventually shifting in scope, to lead an entire team and studio as Executive Producer for America’s Army for the last few years.

My art and production background has shown me the value of striving to maintain a dynamic, good energy atmosphere conducive to long term creative output that is just as crucial for all roles on a team. It is very rewarding to help direct an environment where an entire team can learn from each other and continuously improve.

Hope you enjoy the site.