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Carmen San Diego
Word Detective: Mansion
 image 3
Carmen San Diego
Word Detective: Cave

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Carmen San Diego
Where in the World?

Scrolling Background
Pre 3D Realtime
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These products were at the time when Children’s Software was booming, starting with the success of Broederbund and Living Books. Much of my first work after returning from my time in Japan, was spent doing pixel animation and authoring in Director. It was very rewarding but I was very excited to start painting backgrounds. The company had excellent layout artists who supplied line drawings for all the backgrounds here. This was my chance to put years of color usage to work in a “new” way. Many wonderful titles from Dr. Seuss to Carmen San Diego and some original ones as well.

The Handheld sample shows polish solutions suggested for a new product. It was designed to use panning, blinking, glowing FX textures to make it even livelier. The times were also a boom of experimental and creative product ideas. Not everything made it but there was a wealth new original ideas. The Hyperman work was designed following concepts made for a new Saturday Morning Cartoon idea. Some layouts were directly based from that production but required a whole lot of translation to make them viable for a software product. My task was to take these animation backgrounds, original concepts, and layouts, modify them and finally enhance them to be more dynamic and “gag” animation friendly.